Working memory can hold 7+/- 2 pieces of information.
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The smoothness as you let it glide between your lips before feeling that vibration against your tenderness. There is a little voice in the back of your mind that urges you on to slide it underneath, to trap it against you. Even as it becomes more and more intense, that little voice compels you to fight the urge to stop it; your legs, your hands, your hips… powerless against the desires of your sex to be pushed further and further. You whisper to yourself that you can’t take any more; the voice in your mind tells you that you must… that you will.

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//So .hack//G.U. came in today, which means new game for Rowan~!

//Incidentally, this also means that replies will be HELLA slow today.

G.U Vol.3 is still in my room I actually snatched it because it was the last in macon at the time…..not ashamed

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The heart feels cold; but the mind feels strong.

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